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the old hard tennis-place the new Golf-Course ;-) since 1999, Kuredu have also a freshwater-swimmingpool :-( left and right of this place are the two restaurants this part of Kuredu's beach is the best The Abaraana in the Dhoni-harbour big ships on the pier of Kuredu Bluestripe-Snapper on the house-reef the sandbank by the Sunset-Bar on the westside of Kuredu the port of the water-airplane the Sunset-Bar the nice Akiri-Bar and the big Babuna-Bar the long way from the Mainstreet to the Sunset-Bar the coffeeshop in the mainstreet the Kuredu watersport and katamaran-scool. Every 2 weeks here is the beach-volleyball match. the excellent dive-base from ProDivers with the snorkelling-team the Bungalows Nr.201 to Nr.260 The Bungalows Nr.301 to Nr.399 The Bungalows Nr.401 to Nr.431 The Turtles here are very tame the good Paradise-reef Riesen-Zackenbarsche bei den Caves on this part of the Kuredu-housereef are young reef-sharks present the Bungalows Nr.101 to Nr.160 the Inside of the Bungalows Nr.101 to Nr.160 Eagle-Ray on the house-reef he north-beach is beautiful, but nothing for snorkelling or swimming the Overwater-Bungalows Nr.501 to Nr.550 the new AI Restaurant for the Overwater-Bungalows Kuredu Resort in the Lhaviyani Atoll