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Balinese Category: 4 Star.
The Alam Anda has been an insider tip for many years and today it almost has a cult status. The hotel consists of nine Seafront-Bungalows, twelve Deluxe-Garden-Bungalows, two Losmen, the Alamari apartment, the double bungalow Ambu Ambu, the two Bahari Junior Suites and the villa Lumba Lumba.

The perfect holiday – the Alam Anda Dive and Spa Resort has the motto:
"Our guests are our friends. We wish to indulge them in all aspects: in diving, culturally, culinary and at the wellness level - bodily.“ Because of this there is, for example, a 30 min. Santai Massage is included. in each 5 day diving package.

On the north east coast of Bali, hidden behind coconut and orange plantations, far away from all other tourists our ALAM ANDA DIVE AND SPA RESORT lies directly by the sea. Here it is possible to still find the original Bali with it’s culture and the typical living habits of it’s people. On the almost empty beaches you might occasionally meet a fisherman or children playing – but no sign of tourists. This approx. 3 hectare large palm garden, with hundreds of shady coconut and Lontar palm trees, Kambodjas, Eucalyptus and banana trees is the fulfilled dream of a German architect.

The two hour drive from the airport in Denpasar to Alam Anda – past rice terraces, temples and small villages - is an ideal opportunity to receive a first impression of the beautiful landscape and the diverse culture of Bali.

The Alam Anda was built by Uwe Siegfriedsen. Uwe and his crew are responsible for the Alam Anda receiving cult status during the last 10 years. The Alam Anda is more than just a hotel. It is more like a way of life. Since 01.04.2006 the hotel is managed by Werner Lau and Axel Schwan. In 2007 it has been enlarged and modernized. Not just a new Spa (on an area of more than 700 square metre) was built but a new restaurant, a large pool, 12 deluxe garden bungalows and two junior suites. Moreover the diving centre has been rebuilt and upgrade to “Lau-Standard•. We are connected by a common dream - Alam Anda. We have been in the tourist branch for almost 20 years and have seen and experienced many things. All this experience of ours is now going into Alam Anda. We want to offer you the perfect holiday. This is what we are working for each day. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

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Euro-, VisaCard and Amex.

For the pastime until the next vacation::

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The new diving centre is 50 m from the beach and is equipped - as are all WERNER-LAU-diving centres - to cater for the special requirements of divers. In order to meet all demands, there is always enough equipment available for hire. e.g.:

30 BCD Jackets (Scubapro)

20 dive computers (Aladin)

30 Regulators with octopus, depth gauge & inflator (Scubapro)

10 underwater torches

60 Sets comprising of mask, fins and snorkel (Seemann)

2 digital underwater cameras

30 wetsuits (3 mm Shorties)

60 Aluminium tanks (12 litre, DIN + INT)

Bauer Compressor

well equipped workshop

There is a very good house reef directly in front of the diving centre. Even if you are an experienced diver you will always encounter something new on each dive, no matter how many times you dive here, and it is a paradise for underwater photographers! On the house reef we offer 3 different entry and exit points on the house reef. Our guest do not carry any tanks to or from these points as the well know Werner Lau tank service is offered as well as at all diving centres. The reef covers the total wide of the Hotel grounds, and is a designated conservation area - the first of its kind in Bali. The government agreed to this as an experiment and the fishermen in this area are banned from using nets, cyanide or harpoons. The underwater world here is therefore intact.
There is a shallow area, maximal 6 m deep, which goes out to about 50 m from the beach, and in calm sea this makes a great snorkelling area. After that, the bottom drops away at approx. 45 to greater depths. This intact reef is alternately made up of standing blocks of corals, small drop-offs, coral plateaus and complete reef walls overgrown with various kinds of soft and hard corals gorgonians and sponges.
The sandy areas in between invites you to linger and are ideal for macro photographers and beginners. There is a splendid diversity of tropical fauna which includes blue-spotted rays, leaf fish, moray eels, lion fish, long-nose hawk fish, ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorses, shrimps and several types of sea slug. Numerous shoals of fish such as barracudas and batfish and a family of napoleon fish inhabit the house reef. Sometimes we even see turtles, passing eagle rays and during the night dives, Spanish dancers can often be seen.
Strong currents are rare and the water temperature varies according to the time of year between 27 and 29C.

Alam Anda Bali Video DVD  or

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Alam Anda Bali

I have made this DVD video of the Werner Lau Dive & Spa Resort Alam Anda Bali. For the time being I give this video (as shown) for Euro 10.- plus 4,10 Euro (Priority) or Euro 3,40 (standard 5-10 days) postage (in the EU area) to all my visitors. I transferred the completely price of 10 Euros as a donation to the action "Protect the Maldives"! Inquiries or orders asks by e-mail please. Please necessarily, whether DVD-R or DVD+R, or if that doesn't matter and if in German or in English language !

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